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5/3/2006  RIDE - latest on dropout numbers for 04-05  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This is to inform you that the dropout numbers for grades 7 and up in school year 2004-05 have been finalized. Information was gathered and consolidated from the following sources: the Dropout reporting in October 2005 and the verified Dropout records districts submitted in March 2006. As you are all aware that RIDE currently uses 4-years of dropout data plus the current year graduates to compute the graduation/dropout rates for schools and districts. Click or follow this link for more information: You may view and download the the latest and most up-todate dropout statistics for 2004-05 by clicking on or following this link:, simply select the district, type of report and the school year and then click on Create Report. Please direct all questions to me or Elizabeth Landry (222-8968, Thank you! Kenneth Gu, PhD Office of Network and Information Services.