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2/16/2006  RIDE - your thoughts reporting teacher attendance, grievance data  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This message is sent to district data/IT director/managers ONLY to seek for your feebacks on this data collection. Your timely response will help us determine how we are going to go about this data collection. You may respond directly to this email or email me personally ( Each summer we ask the districts and schools to complete a District and School Capacity Indicators report, which includes questions related the following high stake items: 1. teacher attendance 2. teacher grievances 3. teacher mobility (Click or follow this link for full details about these items: We did not collect the information for the 04-05 school year largely because we needed more time to work on the school/district capacity questions. Statistics you reported to RIDE on teacher attendance, grievances, and mobility are however critical for State and Federal reporting. Some of us here asked if we should collect the information on teacher attendance, grievances and mobility NOW, while others believe it is way too late and too much burden on the districts to provide the information half way through the new school year. So, what do you think? Can you share with us your thoughts on this? Thank you, your timely response will be much appreciated! Kenneth Gu