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2/7/2006  RIDE - how to keep your eRIDE login/password safe and secure  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
Please read/follow the instructions below to keep your eRIDE user login and password safe and secure. If you see your login and password printed below, you may want to hide them in your future eRIDE messages. Here is the simple procedure to follow to enhance the security of your eRIDE account: 1. login to eRIDE with your current login and password; 2. click on 'Edit my Profile'; 3. check the box next to 'Hide Login/Password' 4. click on the 'Update' button. We also advise users to change the passwords from time to time. Here is how to change your password: 1. login to eRIDE with your current login and password; 2. type in the old password; 3. type in the new password; confirm new password by retyping it; 4. click on the 'Update' button. You may then logout and log back in with your new password. To retrieve your user login password, on the eRIDE home page, 1. click on 'Login/password Lookup'; 2. type in your name and the email address that you provided us for eRIDE access; 3. if your email address has changed, you need to type in the email address you last used with eRIDE; 4. click on Submit; if we have the right email address, your user login/password will be automatically sent to you instantly.