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1/30/2006  RIDE - latest on eRIDE system upgrades  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
Here is an update on the Status of eRIDE. At this writing (Monday 7pm, 1/30), we have successfully completed all of the planned upgrades, we are however still waiting for the eRIDE URL ( to be globally propagated. We were told that this process takes 12-24 hours. For security purposes, we ask non-RIDE users stop using the address from this point on. Use instead. This URL is NOT case-senstive. Please bookmark it at your earliest convenience. If you continue to use, you will not be able to login to the eRIDE portal. RIDE users should continue to use the internal URL to access eRIDE (see below). Tomorrow on Tuesday January 31st if you get a 'page can not be displayed' error message when you try to access eRIDE, please do not panic. It just means we are still waiting for the URL to be properly propagated. We will send another message out through eRIDE tomorrow to notify you when services are fully back online. Thank you again for your cooperation and patience. Call or eMail us for any additional questions. Office of Network and Information Services 401-222-8967,