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1/11/2006  December Enrollment deadline extended  Scott Gausland - State 
I have gotten several requests today to unlock the December Enrollment report so districts can edit their data. I will extend the deadline until Friday. After Friday no changes will be permitted. Starting with the March Enrollment 2006 there will be additional locks in place within the application so we can attain more reliable enrollments. Time will be given to allow for duplicate student resolution and correcting student data. These dates are displayed in the opening screen of the State Reporting module. They are: Snapshot Date: The date in time the report represents Open Date: The date the application will be available Earliest Signoff Date: You cannot signoff before this date Upload Deadline: Uploads will be turned off after this date Error Resolution Deadline: No changes will be allowed after this date Signoff Deadline: All reports must be signed-off by this date Lockdown Date: The application will be read-only for all users after this date Before the March enrollment, I will formulate a data adjustment policy that will be available for reference. In the meantime, if you have any questions, feel free to email or call me. Thanks for your patience. Scott Gausland 401-222-8960