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1/5/2006  RIDE - State Annual Health Reporting on eRIDE  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
The Annual School Health Report has been converted to a web-based data entry process, part of the E-RIDE system ( This will simplify the process of completing the form. Each district’s form will be pre-populated with last year’s information allowing for updates as necessary. There are some minor changes to the form from the previous year, to ensure alignment with new statutes, regulations or standards of care. It is important to have appropriate staff review and complete specific sections of the form, e.g. school nurse teacher, facilities manager, health educator, chemical hygiene officer, etc. YOUR DISTRICT DATA MANAGER/ERIDE ADMINISTRATOR WILL NEED TO CREATE/DESIGNATE APPROPRIATE USER ACCOUNTS FOR YOUR STAFF TO COMPLETE THE FOMR ON ERIDE. If you have any technical difficulties with the form, contact Derick Ariyam, 222-8974, If you have any further questions about the content of the questions, please contact Jackie Ascrizzi, 222-8953, or Rosemary Reilly Chammat, 222-5922, Thank you in advance for navigating the new system. The report is due February 15, 2006. As in the past, you will receive feedback regarding the information that your district submits as a means to support your efforts in creating safe, healthy and nurturing schools.