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12/6/2005  RIDE - correcting an invalid SASID in NECAP Demographic Files  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
We have flagged the SASIDs in RED that are invalid in each grade set, you should be able correct the SASIDs with the Update screen. All invalid SASIDs have to be corrected in order for us to properly indentify the right students. A valid SASID however can be mistakenly assigned to the wrong student. In this case, please email Melissa Cabral with the Student's name, district, school and and grade information and the correct SASID, she will correct it at the State. Please feel free to contact the Assessment Office for any questions related to this reviewing and updating procecess. Thank You! Contacts for support: Melissa Cabral 222-8491, Dr. Ellen Hedlund 222-8495 Dr. Jim Karon 222-8489 Mary Ann Snider 222-8492