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Date Message Sent Subject Sent By
12/5/2005  RIDE - important msg on reviewing/updating student demographics for NECAP  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This is to inform you that we have delivered the new eRIDE application, including a set of detailed instructions, to you and your staff in the districts and schools so that you may start the reviewing and updating process immediately. The name of the application is called: Review of NECAP Demographic File. The instructions were last updated today on 12/5/05. Please read the entire set of instructions before you start the process. You may click or follow this link to view the instructions: Local data managers need to ensure staff in your district and schools have appropriate access to this new data application through eRIDE. Call or email Melissa Cabral (222-8491, if application has not been delivered to your portal by end of Monday December 5th, 2005. For assistance, please call Dr. Ellen Hedlund (222-8495), Jim Karon (222-8489) or Mary Ann Snider (222-8492); for questions related to this Web-application, please call or email Dr. Ken Gu (222-8957, ). Thank you!