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12/2/2005  RIDE - December enrollment/roster reporting  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
Like the October enrollment, December roster is a snap-shot of basic information on student demographics and program services received for all publicly enrolled students as of December 1st in each school year. Information is collected for each individual student and aggregate reports are generated for each school and district by student demographics and program services received. Importannce: December enrollment is widely used to generate testing labels for the State assessment (Spring test labels for the High School Students), Alternate Assessment and for the new ACCESS test. December enrollment records are also used to update and maintain the State Assigned Student ID System (SASID) that allows us to track student information over time and across databases. Critical timelines: Reporting starts on December 5th, but all rosters must be generated AS OF DECEMBER 1ST. All data MUST BE submitted by December 16th. You will be able to correct data errors and resolve duplicates from December 16th to December 23rd . You will not be able to sign off a report until December 23rd . You will also not be able to sign off a report until all your duplicates have been resolved. All Reports must be signed off by December 30th. Please click or follow this link for detailed reporting instructions: Thank you for your cooperation! Mary Ann Snider, Director (222-8492) Edward Giroux, Director (222-8965) Rhode Island Department of Education