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11/28/2005  eRIDE - repost on students receving services from districts  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
The following memo was sent to LEA data managers on 3/11/05 on how to code students who are not publicly enrolled but receiving services from the districts. We understand that our special ed office has instructed districts to use '190'. We also instructed district central office to use '990' for assigning SASIDs (see following msg). We have looked at the discrepancies hard and carefully, but because we are in the middle of school year, we decided not to change the current coding procedure. Please continue to use '190' for special ed census reporting and '990' for district central office to obtain SASIDs. For further questions, please call or email Dr. Ken Gu (222-8957, Thank you! The following was posted on 3/11/05: Recently a couple of districts have asked how to request for SASID and report the students (including PK students) who are NOT publicly enrolled but receiving special education or extra curriculum services at the district. Because these students are not considered 'publicly enrolled', they are not subject to State Aid and State testing and accountability. To request SASID for these students, we ask you to use ##990, where ## is your district code. You don't need to include them in any of the State reporting of enrollment, including the current March reporting. Rules to report these students in your special education census remain unchanged. We will be adjusting our SASID system shortly to reflect this update. Thank you for continued inquery and support. Please feel free to contact me for any additional questions