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11/10/2005  RIDE - duplicates and errors in student demographics  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
While working on your submitted October enrollment, we still find many duplicates and inconsistent student demographics from a number of districts. This is to ask you to check again for any remaining problems. If you have not completed resolving the remaining data issues, when do you plan to have all of the problems resolved? To check for duplicate enrollment, click on 'check for duplicates' inside your State Reporting/October Enrollment. To check student demographics, click on 'check student demographics' inside your State Reporting/October Enrollment. We are currently extracting the information and making it ready to be merged with the State Assessment. Please email me ASAP ( when you will complete fixing the data problems. To unlock a report, please call or email Marie Gariepy (222-8967, For technical questions, please contact Scott Gausland (222-8960, Thank you! Dr. Ken Gu, RIDE