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10/28/2005  RIDE - wrapping up the October State reporting  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
All LEAs (except 2) have completed the October enrollment reporting as of today October 27th. Our commissioner's office is contacting the two outstanding LEAs to help sort out the issues that resulted the significant delays in this reporting. In the meantime, we are moving on the next step. We will be analyzing and extracting the reported data (including the Census data) for State testing and high-stake reporting next week. You will be contacted if we find problems with your data. If you have not got time to finish the rest of October reporting, it is time to wrap them up. We hope to wrap up this reporting cycle in second week of November and move on to school report cards. We therefore ask all of the following reports to be completed in the first week of November if you have not done so. 1. district at-home instructed students report; 2. district June graduating class report; 3. district non-certified staff report; 4. the full grade7-12 dropout report for each school. If there are NO dropouts to report for any particular school, you must submit a Zero Dropout form for that school. You should have all of these reporting modules in your eRIDE portal. Otherwise, you can add the missing one to your portal yourself using the User Accounts module. If you have any questions regarding the October reporting, please feel free to give us a call (Marie Gariepy, 222-8967 or myself Ken Gu, 222-8957). Thank you!