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10/25/2005  RIDE - last call for your Oct enrollment reporting  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
First our thanks and congratulations to majority of the LEAs who have already submitted their October enrollment data and have started resolving the remaining duplicates and data issues. Some have started locking the submissions and signing off the reports, but yet have to call us to have the reports unlocked because obviously we have a small group of LEAs who are yet to submit their data! The original deadline for data submission was Oct 14th, we gave 3 additional days because of the network related problems we had last week. We expected all data should be in by Oct 20th. Today is Oct 25th. If you are one of the LEAs which have not submitted your data and if we don't receive your data by 3pm tomorrow Oct 26th, we will be naming such districts, documenting them as being non-compliant, and referring them to our budget officers for further actions. Because of the delay of the data coming in from this small group of LEAs, we ask those who are ready to sign off your reporting to hold off until Oct 28th. Please contact Dr. Ken Gu for questions related to this message (222-8957, Thank you for your cooperation!