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10/19/2005    Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
Here is again a checklist to help you complete the October enrollment reporting. 1. Some forget to click on the Submit button to send us the enrollment records; please look for a summary signoff report, it is automatically generated upon successful submission; 2. Have you checked the demographics and fixed any identified problems? If the error is in the SASID master table, you don't need to fix that, we will update the master table later in November with your finalized October enrollment data; 3. Have you resolved the duplicates with other LEAs? 4. Have the students' key demographic data been double checked (e.g., Race, Gender, Lunch Status)? 5. Remember to sign off the reports when finalized and send/fax us a signed report when completed. We will probably send out another email reminding you to sign off and fax the reports. 6. We will also do a cross-check of your dropout report against the Oct enrollment at the end of this reporting and help you identify students who were coded as 'dropouts' but currently enrolled in another LEA. You may hold off the sign-off of your dropout reports until further notice. Please feel free to contact me directly for any questions related to this message (Dr. Ken Gu,, 222-8957). To unlock an already signed-off report, please contact Marie Gariepy, 222-8967 or Thank you very much for your cooperation.