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9/28/2005  RIDE - SASIDs for Fall State Testing  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
Preparation for the fall State testing is underway. You and your central office data staff may be contacted by your schools for student demographic records and SASIDs. You may also be contacted for information by some independent schools where some of your students are outplaced and your district is accountable financially and academically. Here are some of the practices we find that are both practical and effective: 1. provide the SASID information next to the student demographic information through your SIS so that your school test coordinators and clerks can easily obtain the information (online) as needed; 2. provide a current student roster for each school with student demographic and SASID information; 3. prepare a listing of all students who are enrolled in outplacement programs so the SASID information is readily available when contacted; 4. always use the electronic media, excel spreadsheets to deliver student records as much as possible; 5. always rely on your SIS as the source the final official student record. We hope this is helpful. Thank you!