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9/22/2005  RIDE - LEAs with remaining data problems on LEP enrollment  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This is to let you know that we have just emailed the following to your district superintendent and data management office. First thanks to districts and schools who quickly responded to this critical data discrepancy issue. In the past few days we resolved over 61% of the identified discrepancies. The following is the most current listing of LEAs with the # of remaining outstanding discrepant cases to resolve (10 or more). If your LEA is on the list, you have until tomorrow Friday 9/23 to respond. Any further delays in responding will result your schools funds being delayed or withheld. Many districts, particularly the larger ones, have responded very quickly and responsibly. In most cases, they worked with their LEP program folks and ensured their Census was up-todate and correct as of the end of school year 04-05. Then they requested in email that we use their LEP Census to over-write the mis-reported information in the end-of-year enrollment reporting. To prevent this from happening again, we ask the district program staff to work closely with central office data staff to ensure consistency in data management and State reporting. Thank you very much for your cooperation. Please contact me directly for any further questions (Dr. Ken Gu, 222-8957, distCode distName # of discrepancies 04 Central Falls 198 26 Pawtucket 107 07 Cranston 98 08 Cumberland 69 21 Newport 40 36 Westerly 31 19 Middletown 30 16 Johnston 28 51 Paul Cuffee 20 23 North Kingstown 20 17 Lincoln 18 09 East Greenwich 16 20 Narragansett 10