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9/20/2005  RIDE - LEP Census vs. EOY enrollment reporting  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This is to let you know that we have contacted districts' superintendent and data managers' office regarding the discrepancies we found from your Census and the end-of-year enrollment reporting from the district's central office. You may be contacted from the Central office for help to sort out the discrepancies. The scale of discrepanicies is alarmingly high: about 17% of students' LEP status can not be verified when we cross-checked the two sources. To help the Central office to resolve the differences, please run a current listing of active students, use 6/15/05 as the as-of-date. If you don't remember how to generate this listing, please call Melissa Cabral of our Assessment Office (222-8491). Thank you for your cooperation!