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9/16/2005  RIDE - inconsistent LEP program information reported  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
Each year, LEAs report the number of students enrolled in LEP program through the LEP Census and through the quarterly enrollment reporting. RIDE relies largely on the Census information to compute the service FTEs and complies with the State and federal reporting mandates. Because of timing issues, RIDE also collects the listing of LEP students through the quarterly enrollment reporting, for the purposes of testing and analyzing the test results for AYP and school classifications. From time to time, we cross-check the two listings for data quality assurance. The results of the latest cross-check of the two listings are very disappointing. At the end of school year 2004-05, statewide, 9021 students were identified as LEP students from the LEAs year-end enrollment reporting. The Census only reported 8100 such students. Furthermore, we could not verify 17% of the students in your year-end enrollment reporting against what's reported in the Census. The difference exceeded 100% for some smaller state operated schools! Here is the list of 'larger' districts with 50-1200 students enrolled in LEP program, but mis-reported more than 20% of the students' program status either from the Census or the year-end enrollment reporting: distcode LEA_NAME tot_off% 40 Davies Career & Tech 94.69 19 Middletown 57.32 23 North Kingstown 52.00 24 North Providence 51.72 07 Cranston 38.78 10 East Providence 36.10 21 Newport 33.61 36 Westerly 26.97 08 Cumberland 26.49 39 Woonsocket 23.53 53 International Charter 23.45 26 Pawtucket 23.08 96 Bristol Warren 19.87 For a complete listing of all LEAs, please click or follow this link: RIDE needs the accurate and consistent program information to run the State Aid, testing, AYP related analysese and reporting. Such discrepancies and inconsistencies in State reporting is clearly the result of lack of communication between the program office and the central data office among the LEAs. We strongly suggest that LEAs centralize its information management and State reporting. We would very much like the districts to resolve all of the differences in reporting, but we are running against time. We therefore ask you in the next few days, definitely by next Friday, Sept 23rd, to call or email us (, 222-8957) and tell us which source of information is more accurate, more up-todate and that we should use: the LEP Census or the End-of-Year consolidated enrollment reporting! If we don't hear from you by then, we will use the Census for all analyses and reporting purposes! Thank you for your attention to this matter!