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9/8/2005  RIDE - heads-up for upcoming October reporting  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
While we are wrapping up the end-of-year reporting for 04-05, we would like to give you the heads-up for the upcoming October reporting requirements. October reporting starts on October 3rd and ends on October 21st. The following data elements are collected in this reporting: 1. October enrollment for 05-06; 2. Dropout report for grades 7-12 for 04-05; 3. At-home instructed students for 05-06; 4. June graduating class for 05-06; 5. Non-centified staff report for 05-06. Instructions for reporting are mostly unchanged from last year, but have been updated to reflect latest State testing and reporting requirements. Latest requirements and instructions have been posted under State Reporting on eRIDE, please review and get back to us for any questions. Because we moved the State testing from Spring to Fall, information collected in this October enrollment reporting will be used to analyze the test results, assign zero scores and compute the test partcipation rates. It is therefore extremely important that the data you are about to submit are timely and accurate. Another change is that we are no longer collecting the Migrant status information, instead of leaving this field vacant, we replaced it with the student's Immigrant status. An immigrant is a student who migranted to the States, usually for permanent residency. Because this is a new field for this reporting, districts may choose to leave it blank if information is not readily available. A student's immigrant status is also collected in the State's LEP census, but not all immigrant students are receiving LEP services. For any questions related to the upcoming October reporting, please feel free to contact us. Thank you!