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9/7/2005  RIDE - latest student membership/enrollment data for State Aid  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This is to let you know that we have completed the preliminary runs on student membership and enrollment for State Aid purposes. While the numbers are being internally reviewed, we ask LEAs to review them before they are finalized. Data in summarized aggregate forms have been published on eRIDE under Statistical Reports (for review only) or can be viewed/downloaded by following this link: For questions related to this set of preliminary State Aid runs, please contact me directly (Dr. Ken gu, 222-8957, We have contacted districts on various remaining issues related to the year-end reporting, including the District Transportation Report. We ask such districts to resolve the issues ASAP as we are finalizing the various high-stake reports, wrapping up 04-05 reporting year and moving to October reporting. Graduation rates will be calculated later this week and published for your review by early next week. Thank you for your cooperation!