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8/15/2005  eRIDE - first check on your schools' 04-05 attendance rates  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
Here is the first run on your schools' 04-05 attendance rates, please review and correct any data that were mis-reported to the State in your year-end reporting. Attendance rate is one of the 21 indicators that an elementary or middle school must pass (89.5%+). The rate is the average daily attendance divided by average daily membership over the entire school year. In contrast to other NCLB indicators, the attendance rate includes all grades in a school (except for pre-k). We have contacted districts/schools individually who reported over 100% attendance rates, which was the result of mis-reporting the membership and attendance data. We also contacted districts/schools with other obvious problems. There are 43 Title I schools being reviewed for the late August 2005 NCLB release, 29 elementary schools and 11 middle schools are to be reviewed using the attendance indicator alone. These schools either had a 'watch' status or a sanctions status in the-2004 cycle. For any questions related this message, please contact me directly (Dr. Ken Gu, 222-8957; For questions related the use of attendance Rates for AYP assignment, please contact the Assessment and Accountability Office (222-8491). Thank you!