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8/4/2005  Duplicate student condition correction  Scott Gausland - State 
Please logon to eRide and check to see if you have enrollment duplicates for your district again. There may be some new ones listed because of recently entered data from another district or because of date condition correction in the duplicate screen. There were some districts that had some duplicate enrollments that were not displayed in the duplicate screen. These were enrollment periods that have an enroll date less than the other districtís AND an exit date greater than the other districtís. For example, for the same student, district A has and enroll date of 07/01/2004 and district B has 09/01/2004. District A has an exit date of 06/30/2005 and district B has 06/15/2005. District B saw the duplicate, but district A did not. This has been corrected. As a result of your hard work, this will be the most accurate picture of student enrollment the state of Rhode Island has ever seen. My colleagues and I thank you. As always, please feel free to call me with any questions. Scott Gausland 222-8960