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8/2/2005  eRIDE - EOY consolidated reporting - iep students  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This report shows the # of iep students you reported in your EOY consolidated reporting (eoy_05) compared what your LEAs reported in your Special Ed Census (Census_05). Here we only included the districts and schools whose numbers differed 20% or more. Because the information you submitted will be linked to the assessment results which may impact your schools' classifications and AYP status, and be used to drive federal program dollars, we need to a set of reliable and consistent set of data for reporting. Please work with your program officers to resolve these large differences. If errors were found in this reporting, you will need to resolve them before signning off the reporting. Neither reporting is final, we assume both contain unresolved issues and problems. It is however encouraging to see that the majority of the districts and schools are reporting consistent data on students' program statuses. Thank you!