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7/26/2005  RIDE - the latest on EOY consolidated reporting  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
First our thanks and congratulations to majority of the LEAs who have successfully submitted the data for the EOY consolidated reporting. For those who are yet to submit their records, please remember tomorrow July 27th is the last day for data submissions. After that, all LEAs should complete the resolutions of any duplicate records, and any other data errors. All reporting should be electronically signed off by August 1st, the paper-signed reports be faxed/emailed to RIDE shortly after that. In the meantime, we want to highlight the following: 1. please make sure you included all students who were publically enrolled in your district throughout the 04-05 school year, including students who were enrolled in outplacement programs; 2. multiple enrollment records should be reported for any individual student if enrolled more than once in your LEA or school; 3. date of entry should be the date when the student was enrolled during the 04-05 school year, date of exit should be date when the student exited the LEA/School or the last day of school if the student was enrolled through the end of the school year; 4. please click on the Update button to update the aggregated reports if you have made any changes online after you submitted the records; 5. please always refer to the online instructions for help; you may also look for related documents on the EOY consolidated reporting by doing a key word search ('EOY') at; you may also find this resource by clicking on the State Reporting link on eRIDE. Scott and I are now both at a national conference in DC this week, please email us for any questions, we will get back to you as quickly as we can. Please address to both of us and Marie Gariepy in order to get a quicker response:;; If you need to speak to someone at our office, please call Marie at 222-8967. Thank you and good luck,