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7/22/2005  RIDE - EOY Consolidated State Reporting Deadlines  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
Thank you to everyone who has submitted their district's end-of-year (EOY) consolidated State reporting. This year's submission is especially critical because of the move to fall State testing. Student testing ID labels will be produced based on the projected placements (schcode_next) included in this reporting. Information collected in this reporting will also affect your State Aid $s as well as how your schools test results will be analyzed, and ultimately your schools' AYP classifications. We know that many of you are continuing to update your files. Please keep in mind that the deadline for submission is July 27th with a final close of August 1st, 2005. We expect that everyone will comply with these requirements. Do not desitate to call/email Scott Gausland (222-8960, should you have any questions or need assistance. Your attention to this work is deeply appreciated. We're hoping to have a seamless transition to our NECAP testing program. Thank you! Mary Ann Snider, Director, Assessment & Accountability Edward Giroux, Director, Networking and Information Systems