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6/22/2005  RIDE - an update on EOY consolidated reporting  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
We are currently moving the application to eRIDE and testing and debugging the application in the next couple of days. You will be able to submit data from Monday 6/27th. We appologize for the delay. In the meantime, we suggest you start extracting the student records from your local SIS and check the following: 1. do you have SASIDs for all of the students; 2. are the program participation status information up-to-date (iep, lep, lunch, voced, etc.); 3. do you have the 'next school' location information for all students; 4. have you printed out our latest online instructions for reporting (last update was 6/22/05); We also want to inform you that we changed the field name for 'vocational concentrator', it is now called 'VocEd'. We realized the old name 'CTE' has caused some confusions with CTechCTR. According to the federal definition, a vocational concentrator is a student who has reached the State defined threshhold level of vocational education participation, i.e., who has completed one year of vocational or career & technical education. We want to thank you for your efforts and patience. We will keep you posted as we progress.