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6/17/2005  RIDE - student discipline record reporting thruough eRIDE  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
We have had a few inquiries recently from building principals asking how they are to submit the Student Discipline Record Report this year. For those not yet aware, we want to take this opportunity to communicate the reporting procedures, which have been established for reporting of Discipline Data for 04-05. This information has been communicated to and discussed with district technology administrators and superintendents throughout the school year. All LEAs have been asked to submit the Discipline records for 04-05 online through eRIDE ( Unique student IDs (SASID) will be required for submission. Any other forms of data submission, including email attachments will NOT be accepted. According to the latest information received from districts, the vast majority of the LEAs have integrated the Discipline Record System with their Student Record Management System (SRMS). In such case, you may simply extract the data from your SRMS at the time of reporting, upload and submit the records by following the instructions on record layout posted on eRIDE. If your discipline system is NOT part of your SRMS, you may need to download the 2004-05 R.I. Discipline Report application in Excel. To download the 2004-05 R.I. Discipline Report application in Excel, or for instructions on how to upload and submit the data, please go to eRIDE (, click on State Reporting, and then click on Discipline Report. The link to the Excel application is at the bottom of the page. Additional information on data preparation and submission will be posted online after June 15th. There are NO other changes in reporting requirements from previous years! All Discipline Reports must be submitted no later than is August 5, 2005. For questions related to submission to eRIDE, please contact Dr. Ken Gu, 222-4600 or by eMail: For questions related to completion of the discipline report, please contact the Office School Support and Family Engagement, George McDonough, 401-222 8940, Thank you! Virginia da Mota, Director Office of School Support and Family Engagement