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6/16/2005  RIDE - latest on EOY consolidated State Reporting  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
We want to first thank you for your efforts in the 2003-04 end-of-year consolidated reporting. We anticipate that this year will be equally successful, and are writing to share some information that we think will be helpful. In the next few weeks, you will be submitting the year-end consolidated information on student demographics, enrollment, attendance, program participation status and next year’s school location. Because the collected information through this consolidated reporting will be used for State Aid, the AYP related calculations and the Fall testing, the quality and timeliness of the data are therefore most critical. When preparing the data for submission, please make sure that the information is most up-to-date. Please work with your program directors and coordinators to ensure that you have the latest and correct status code for program participation, including student’s IEP, sec504, LEP, Title1, Lunch, Migrant, Homeliness and CT education. Students may have multiple enrollment records, and thus multiple enrollments with different exit codes are expected. Some students may be attending your district from another district, some of your district’s students may be enrolled in outplacement programs, you need to review the special rules and procedures to report these students. You also need to be prepared for the extra time it takes to gather the attendance records from the schools where you students are out-placed. Before you sign off the reporting at the end, please make sure all of the duplicated enrollment records have been resolved as well as any other data errors. It is always a good practice to compare this year’s data against last year’s and check for reasonability and consistency. Program related data should be reviewed by program coordinators, pupil summary data by your business managers, school level data by school principals and district level data by superintendents. Collected information through this consolidated reporting will also be reviewed and analyzed by RIDE’s program officers. As we did last year, we will generate and “publish” the key statistical data for you to review, which includes statistics on the Average Daily Membership by district of residence, the attendance rate, the graduation rate, the Lunch statistics, and the Charter school enrollment. If you need more information about this consolidated State reporting, the data element layout and definitions, please click on or follow this link: Trainings/workshops are also provided on the 22nd and 30th of this month. We strongly encourage you to sign up for one of the sessions if you have not done this reporting before or if you need an update on the latest requirements and some hands-on instructions. To sign up, simply click on Trainings/Workshops on eRIDE ( and follow the directions online. For any questions related to the consolidated year-end reporting or this message, please contact me or Dr. Ken Gu 222-4600 at ext. 8974 or If you need technical assistance with data submissions, please contact Scott Gausland at ext. 8960 or For support with eRIDE, please contact Marie Gariepy at ext. 8967 or Please note that our emails have been changed, the listed phone extensions will be effective on Friday June 17th. Information on other end-of-year State data collections, including the reporting of the Discipline records, the district Transportation report, the school and district capacity indicators and the RICATS, will be posted separately. Thank you! Ed Giroux (Director) Network & Information Services, RIDE 222-4600 x 8965