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6/6/2005  RIDE - training on year-end consolidated state reporting  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
In about a week, you will be asked to work on the year-end consolidated State reporting as some of you did last year. If you or your staff have not worked on this reporting before, or you need an update on the latest requirements and reporting processes, you may want to sign up for one of the training sessions at RIDE's computer lab (6th floor). One morning session will be offered on on Wednesday June 22nd and one afternoon session on Thursday June 30th. Data collected through this year-end consolidated reporting will affect the fall testing in the Fall, State AID, the calculation of graduation and attendance rates and the per-pupil accounting of expenditures. Accuracy and timeliness of the data are therefore extremely critical. To sign up, simply follow the eRIDE link below and then click on Trainings/Workshops. If you already have an eRIDE account, we ask you to login to eRIDE first and then click on Trainings/Workshops. For more information about the year-end consolidated State reporting, please click on or follow this link: Thank you!