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4/29/2005  eRIDE - latest on upcoming consolidated year-end State reporting  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This is a heads-up for the upcoming consolidated year-end reporting of student enrollment and attendance. We anticipate no significant changes from last year except for the following. For the latest instructions for reporting, please click or follow this link: or go to eRIDE, and click on State Reporting. These changes and updates are necessary to accommodate upcoming fall State-testing and the latest federal reporting requirements. 1. timelines: reporting will open on June 1st, the last day to submit the data will be July 25th, the last day to sign off all reporting will be August 1st. The August 1st deadline is critical (especially for the elementary and middle schools) because in the first week of August we will be submitting the 'rosters' to the testing company for Pre-IDing the testing booklets. In the following two weeks, we will be analyzing the data for State AID and computing the attendance and graduation rates for school classification and accountability purposes. 2. new 'next school' field (schcode_next): the school code for the location where a student is expected to be enrolled in the following year (05-06). We recognize the limitations in the accuracy of the newly assigned school for students in transitional grades due to student mobility over the summer, but testing production timelines require that we use the best available information through this data collection. This information is required for students who are currently enrolled in grades 2-7 for 2004-05. 3. new 'career & technical education participation' field (CTE): an indication (Y/N) of student participation in a State approved career and technical education program. While details of program participation is collected through the RICATS application, this is one of the frequently requested and federally mandated data items. For any questions related to the new NECAP testing, please contact the Assessment office at 222-4600 x 2101 or x 2107. For general questions about this consolidated year-end reporting, please contact me directly (Dr. Ken Gu, 222-4600 x 2241). Thank you for your cooperation!