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4/26/2005  eRIDE - Presentation on Statewide SIF Implementation  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This is to invite you as a district data and information system administrator to participate in a vendor presentation on SIF implementation on August 23rd at RIDE. SIF enables the capabilities of interoperability between disparate applications among districts and schools. It also enhances the vertical data reporting capabilities with the State systems. For more information about SIF, please visit CPSI will present the SIF model, how it works horizontally and vertically, CPSI's key applications, its recent deployments, lessons learned and best practices. CPSI was recently chosen by the State of Oklahoma for the statewide SIF integration between the 540 plus districts in the State and the State Department of Education. For more information about CPSI, please visit: To attend this presentation, you need to register online on eRIDE. Simply slick on the eRIDE link below, then click on Trainings/Workshops. If you already have an eRIDE login, we suggest you login first and then register. You may sign up for yourself or other interested personnel in your district. Registration is required for attendance so that we can make the right accommodations. Formal presentations and some demonstrations will be in the morning session, technical details, questions and answers will be in the afternoon. We strongly encourage you to attend this presentation. For more information about this presentation, please feel free to contact Ed. Giroux (222-4600 x 2234; or myself (Dr. Ken Gu, 222-4600 x 2241; RINET consortium districts may contact Steve Fohr directly (295-9200 x219, Hope to see you at the presentation! Thank you!