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4/4/2005  eRIDE - RICATS Trainings  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This is to inform you that the RI Careet and Technical Education Information System (RICATS) is in the process of being redesigned. The new system will be developed for eRIDE and is expected to remove some of the technical problems and limitations that have historically plagued our efforts to collect and disseminate this fenerally required information. A copy of this letter has been mailed to the superintendents, directors and building principals. To facilitate the planning, RIDE has scheduled the training sessions by Career Technical regions. If for some reason you can not attend the scheduled session, please feel free to sign up for one of the open sessions. We request each building principal or his/her designee and the individual responsible for imputing the data attend these training sessions. C&T Directors should also attend the training session with their respective regional representatives. To sign up, simply click or follow the eRIDE link below, then click on Trainings/Workshops on the left-hand side. If you have an eRIDE login, you are encouraged to login to eRIDE and then sign up for one of the sessions. An eRIDE login is however not required to sign up. You may sign up for yourself and for your colleagues. Please check your email for confirmation after you sign up online. Questions you may have regarding the Perkins Data Submission trainings may be directly addressed to Paul Williams (222-4600 x 2168 or Thank you for your cooperation!