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3/16/2005  eRIDE - reporting students enrolled in outplacement programs  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This is another reminder that Districts are responsible for reporting your students who are currently enrolled in an outplacement program under ##190 where ## is your district code. According to the State testing and accountability rules, districts should also report students currently under the DCYF custody (currently placed in programs like NAFI-Alternatives Program, NFI/ACE Program). In order for the State to credit the test scores of such students back to each district and accurately compute the participation rates, reporting these out-of-district placements is absolutely required for students currently being tested. Students placed out-of-State are not subject to State testing but should be included in this reporting as well (under ##998 instead of ##190). For more information about Spring reporting of enrollment, please review the detailed instructions online or follow this link: Thank you for your cooperation and please feel free to contact me for any questions (Dr. Ken Gu, 222-4600 x 2241;