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3/11/2005  New SASID Admin features  Scott Gausland - State 
There is a new screen within the SASID Admin application to help us all manage student demographic records, reduce duplication and ensure accurate data. To get to this screen, click on “Search for Deleted SASID” from the SASID Admin screen. This new screen has 4 new search capabilities: 1. Deleted SASID Search This new feature will help find deleted SASIDs. Why? You ask. Suppose you have a SASID for a student that is a duplicate. This duplicate SASID was removed unknown to you and your colleagues. You are getting validation rejections in the March enrollment due to invalid SASID for this student. You are certain that this SASID worked in the past, but now its invalid. Now you can search the table of “deleted” SASIDs and retrieve the “real” SASID. If you get results on your search, please change the SASID for this student in your district or school information system. 2. Student Audit Trail Whenever the student’s master record is updated, the old values get recorded to a table. You can view the audit trail of any student by entering their SASID. This may help resolve duplicates, if a change was made in the past to the student’s demographics. 3. Student Name Change I have created a new table to store formal name changes of student. For example, when a student is adopted and his/her name completely changes. Please send me an email and I will enter the change into this table. Currently there are only a few names there, but over time, I’m sure we will make good use of the table. Again, this may help resolve duplicates and ensure more accurate student demographics. 4. Same Name Twins This is a list of student with the same first and last name and birthday. There are only 8 sets of students currently, mostly in Providence. Please look at this list if you have 2 students with the same name and birthday. If they are not in the list, please email me with their information and I will add them. Features 1, 2 and 3 require a SASID. These should only list records for one student. Feature 4 is a list with no search capabilities. Since there are only 16 records, the list can easily be scanned. If you have any questions about these additional features, please give me a call or email me. I hope these new features help make state reporting more accurate and easier for all. Thank You. Scott Gausland 222-4600 x2240