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3/3/2005  New features to SASID Admin  Scott Gausland - State 
I have added some new features to the SASID Admin application. There is now a radio button that will allow you to search on a SASID. This will help you find a student's record quickly. Also, I have added the ability to directly edit a student's master record. You should only change the record when you discover incorrect data, such as a wrong birthday, mis-spelled name, etc.. You can only edit a student from your district. Also, you can now search for names with an apostrophe in the name, "O'Neil", without causing an error. There is no need to enter 2 apostrophes for searches any longer. I hope these features help. Please send me an email if you have any questions about the SASID Admin application. Thank You. Scott Gausland 222-4600 x2240