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12/13/2004  RIDE - congratulations and latest on December enrollment reporting!  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
Thanks and congratulations to districts and schools who met the deadline for uploading and submitting the December enrollment. As of Friday December 10th, over 151,000 of the expected 156,000 publicly enrolled students were reported to the State! Thanks, great job! To complete the reporting, please make sure you checked and corrected all duplicate reports and any records with the wrong SASID. Please also keep in mind that all reports have to be electronically signed off by December 15th. You may send in/fax in the hard copy of the signed reports in the next 10 days by December 24th. Iím attending a conference in Texas, you are welcome to email me ( if you have any questions related to this message. Thank you again for the great job done!