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12/2/2004  RIDE - reporting of December 1st enrollment  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
The eRIDE application for reporting the December 1st enrollment has been delivered to your eRIDE portal. Please contact the district Central office data manager if you have any questions related to the reporting of December 1st enrollment. For the lastest information and updates on December enrollment reporting, please click on the '... latest on the State Reporting' on the eRIDE login page or click on 'State Reporting'. Here are a couple of additional updates and reminders: 1. because we will be generating roster labels for State testing purposes, including the students that are outplaced, it is critical that you report the students that are enrolled in outplacement programs. for more information, please read the detailed instructions on how to report the outplaced students inside the general instructions. 2. for Charter schools and State Operated schools, when reporting the district of residency, please use the community residency codes if the students are from regional districts (see instructions on community residency codes for regional districts). Please contact Dr. Ken Gu if you have any questions related to this update (222-4600 x 2241; Thank you!