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10/28/2004  RIDE - a clarification on reporting students attending vocEd Centers  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
I have received a couple of phone calls recently on who should be reporting the students attending the Career and Technical Centers (CTCs), here are some rule clarifications: In most cases, students attending a career and technical center (e.g. Woonsocket CTC) are housed in a high school at the hosting district (e.g., Woonsock HS). Some are however housed in a high school in a local district (e.g., Burriville HS). Regardless of students' district residency, these students should be included in the high school they are enrolled for core instruction (ELA/Math) and receive their high school diploma. Their district residency status should be noted under the field 'distCode_res'; they should also be reported as receiving CT education - 'ctechctr'. IF however a student goes to a CTC for voc Ed education AND receives the core instruction from the CTC or from an independent school, i.e., the student is not housed in any of the regular high school, the sending or resident district reports the student as an outplacement student. An example of such student is already given inside the general instructions. Please contact me directly if you need additional clarifications (Dr. Ken Gu, 222-4600 x 2241). Thank you and have a nice day! PS: If you missed any of our eRIDE messages and updates on State Reporting, you may read them online at any time, simply click on link below the eRIDE login form. You can also access the eRIDE message board by clicking on State Reporting, and then click on the link below the State Reporting time table. =================================