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10/26/2004  RIDE - another update on completing the October enrollment reporting  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
While you are completing the final updates and duplicate resolutions, it is important to remember to update the reports. When you done with all of the fixes on eRIDE, you need to click on the link that says 'click here to update reports' on the main reporting page that lists the schools. Reports are automatically updated ONLY when you did a re-upload and re-submission. Please also remember to sign off the reports AFTER all of the possible duplicates are resolved and updates are done. Finally, please remember to fix your source records permanently in your Student Record Management system so that we will not have the same problems in the next reporting. We will not accept additional data submission and updates after Friday Oct 29th. Unresolved and unexplained duplicate records will be removed for all final State and Federal reporting purposes. Thank you very much for your cooperation! Contact me directly for any questions related to this message (Dr. Ken Gu, 222-4600 x 2241). ==============================================