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10/18/2004  RIDE - an important message on SASID assignment  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This important message is sent to all LEA SASID administrators. Please take a minute to read the entire message. Because we do not have ONE Statewide Centralized Student Record Management system, each LEA will need to login to eRIDE and request for SASIDs not only for their newly enrolled, but also for students who are transferred to their LEA. Most LEAs submit the requests periodically and download the SASIDs as needed. Most have followed the step-by-step instructions online (e.g., to 'initiate' or 'transfer' a SASID. We have however found some problems that we need your attention immediately. 1. NEW SASIDS 'INITIATED' TO STUDENTS THAT ALREADY HAVE A SASID. This happens when a student is transferred from one district to another and an exact match is not found because the student's gender is F in one district, M in another district, or the student's DOB is 12/1/86 in one district, 12/11/86 in another district, or the middle initial is missing in one district, or the race is coded differently. PLEASE VERIFY AND CONFIRM THE STUDENT DEMOGRAPHICS BEFORE 'INITIATING' A NEW SASID FOR THE STUDENT. YOU MAY NEED TO CONTACT THE SENDING DISTRICT TO VERIFY. IF THE STUDENT IS IN GRADE 2+, IT IS HIGHLY LIKELY THAT THE STUDENT IS A TRANSFER! 2. DOWNLOADING THE ENTIRE LIST OF STUDENTS WITH SASID FOR LEA. While you may download the entire list of students from the SASID system for your LEA, please keep in mind that this list may contain students that are no longer in your LEA. This list is NOT an active enrollment for your LEA. ALWAYS USE 'SASIDS ISSUED IN LAST 30 DAYS' OR 'SASIDS ISSUED IN LAST 7 DAYS' TO DOWNLOAD THE SASIDS THAT WERE MOST RECENTLY ISSUED. 3. SASID UPDATES. Our next update of the SASID system will be shorly after your October enrollment reporting when all of the potential duplicates being resolved and all of the data problems being fixed. Please use the October enrollment reporting as an opportunity to correct the any bad records inside the SASID system. Please also keep in mind though bad records contained in your Oct enrollment reporting may over-write the good records inside SASID system. I have noticed for example students' demographics got coded incorrectly when transferred from one district to another (the middle initial gets dropped or contained as part of the first name, e.g.) IT IS THEREFORE CRITICAL THAT YOU FOLLOW THE EXACT INSTRUCTIONS FOR YOUR OCTOBER REPORTING, AND RESOLVE ALL OF THE POTENTIAL DUPLICATES BEFORE YOU SIGN OFF THE REPORTING. 4. STUDENT TRANSFERS. As recommended in our SASID guide, the SASID should always be on ALL of student transfer documents! THIS IS AN ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL STEP TO ENSURE THE SAME SASID TO BE APPLIED TO THE SAME STUDENT. IT ALSO ELIMINATES THE NEED FOR THE DESTINATION LEA TO REQUEST FOR THE SASIDS FOR TRANSFERRED STUDENTS! Thank you for your attention, your time and efforts to ensure the quality and integrity of the SASID system is greatly appreciated! For any questions related to this message, please contact me directly (Dr. Ken Gu, 222-4600, x 2241). For assistance with the SASID system, please contact our SASID Administrator, Scott Gausland, x 2240 or =================================