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10/14/2004  RIDE - October Reporting ends on Oct 20th  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This reminder message is sent to all LEA superintendents and directors and data managers. The last day for submitting the October reports is Wednesday October 20th. We typically allow a few more days for you to resolve the duplicates, fix any data problems, and get the signitures for the reports. You will NOT be able to submit or fix any data after Wednesday October 27th! All reported data will be considered FINAL. The October or Fall State reporting started on October 1st, it includes the following data collections: 1. October Membership School Report (ES-F010) 2. Dropout Report (ES-F011) 3. June 2005 Graduating Class Fall Membership (ES-F015) 4. Non-Certified Personnel Report (ES-F045) 5. At-Home Instructed Students Report - If applicable (ES-F501) For instructions how on to submit each report, please go to eRIDE at, then click on State Reporting, and then click on a specific reporting. For additional help for October reporting, please contact Marie Gariepy at 222-4600 x 2231. For technical support, contact Scott Gausland at x 2240. For content support or for any questions related this message, contact Dr. Ken Gu x 2241. Thank you and have a nice day! ==========================