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Date Message Sent Subject Sent By
10/7/2004  RIDE - urgent request for finalizing the School Capacity Indicators report  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This message is sent to ALL school principals and district Central office data managers. If you have NOT completed and/or signed off the School and District Capacity Indicators report, you must finish the reporting by Friday October 15th. This reporting started on June 15th, reports were first due on July 15th. We then extended the deadline to August 30th! To check the status of your reporting, please login to eRIDE with the attached information, and then click on School Capacity Indicators. Instructions on how to complete the report are also readily available online. You will NOT be able to submit and change any data after October 15th. Please provide your schools and districts data immediately, otherwise, further steps will have to be pursued. Thank you for your prompt attention to this urgent request. We must finalize the data in order to meet the requirements for various State and Federally mandated reports. For questions about SALT Indicators report, please contact Lauren McCarthy of the Office of Integrated Social Services at 222-4600 x 2205. Thank you!