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9/28/2004  RIDE - Fall State data reporting starts on Oct 1st  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This is to inform you that the October or Fall State data reporting starts on Oct 1st and ends on Oct 20th. All relevant Web applications for data submissions have been delivered to you and your staff's eRIDE portal. Because of staff turnover in the LEAs, their responsiblities for State reporting might have been changed. The LEA data managers with eRIDE administrative rights therefore have to make sure that your LEA personnel have the appropriate access the following applications to complete the Oct State reporting: 1. October Enrollment (full or readonly access) 2. Dropout Report (full or readonly access) 3. Non-Certified Staff (full access) 4. At-Home Instructed (full access) 5. June Graduating Class (full access) Latest instructions and record layouts have also been posted online. Please do not start submitting the data until Oct 1st. For general support from RIDE, please call or email Marie Gariepy at 222-4600 x 2231, For technical support, please call or email Scott Gausland at x 2240, For content support, please call or email Dr. Ken Gu at x 2241, Thank you! =============================================