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9/16/2004  RIDE - EOY consolidated reporting closed  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This is to inform you that we have officially closed the year-end consolidated reporting for 03-04. Results have been posted on eRIDE for your final review (, click on Statistical Reports). We will re-open the application for READ ONLY at a later time when we are done with all of the analyses and reporting. We would like to extend our thanks to your time and efforts you put in this reporting. It's been a very challenging task for many of the LEAs. On the other hand, we've already seen many of the benefits of this consolidated reporting. We will continue to work with the few individual LEAs on the remaining data issues related to this consolidated reporting. Questions related this email and issues related to the closure of this reporting should be directed to Dr. Ken Gu, 222-4600 x 2241. Thank you!