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9/15/2004  RIDE - current status of EOY consolidated reporting  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
Here is an update on the status of the end-of-year consolidated reporting (click or follow this link): You may also find this update on our eRIDE Web site, simply click on Statistical Reports and then on the link to this report. The consolidated reporting automatically generates a set of 6 reports for each school/district, this status report is a snap-shot of the June membership. This also reminds you that today is the last day for any updates for the Consolidated reporting. We will be removing the application from your eRIDE portal on Thursday (9/16). Consolidated reporting started on June 15th and ended on August 15th. Changes and updates have been allowed till September 15th. We will perform the final analyses of the data on September 16th and the results will be immediately posted on eRIDE for your final review. Results on student attendance and graduation rates will be applied to the State's school accountability and classification system and the average daily membership will be applied for State aid. Please make sure you follow the online instructions to sign off each report properly. It is also critical that you sign off the reports electronically so that the information you submitted will be locked from any further changes and updates. Please direct all questions about this message and about the EOY consolidated reporting to me (Dr. Ken Gu, 222-4600 x 2241, Thank you!