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9/9/2004  RIDE - final checklist for completing the year-end consolidated reporting  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This message was just sent to your data managers regarding the year-end consolidated reporting. ========================= We are wrapping up the 03-04 EOY consolidated reporting quickly. You will have upto Sept 15th to make any final submissions, changes and updates. Data that you submitted through this consolidated reporting are used for school accountability, distribution of State aid, and many of the State and Federal reporting on the State's public education. Here is an important checklist that we suggest you go over carefully. Appropriate actions must be taken by Sept 15th. 1. Have you made any changes on eRIDE after you submitted the data; if so, have you updated the affected reports? To update the reports, on the main EOY reporting page, provide the last day of school for the as-of-date (defaulted to 6/15/04), and the total school days (defaulted to 180), and then click on Update. Changes will NOT be reflected if you fail to perform this Update procedure! 2. Have you submitted the information for students that were outplaced? We allowed districts extra weeks of time to collect the needed information, are you still having difficulties getting the information? 3. Have you resolved all of the possible duplicates? To see if you have any remaining duplicates, simply click on 'Check for Possible Duplicates'. As of today, we still see a large # of duplicates that are yet to be resolved, many are due to incorrect assignment of SASID! Please resolve these duplicates ASAP! Please follow the instructions online on how to resolve a duplicate. 3. Has each report been signed off by appropriate district/school administrator and faxed to RIDE? There are a total of 6 reports for each district/school: June Membership, Pupil Summary, Graduates, Dropouts for HS Seniors, Retention and Mobility. 4. Have you signed off/locked the reporting electronically? It is critical that you lock the reporting in order to prevent any further changes to the already submitted data that have already been signed off. For questions related to this email, please contact Dr. Ken Gu 222-4600 x 2241. Thank you! ========================================