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9/8/2004  RIDE - LEP Census application temporarily unavailable  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This is to inform you that the LEP Census application is now back online for you to input the Census data for 04-05. Please note the following when you start inputing the data: 1. Student demographic records should NOT be deleted even if the student is no longer active; deleting the student demographic record will automatically delete the service records. Demographic records can only be deleted when a mistake had been made. 2. Student program information (e.g., current proficiency level) may be updated. 3. A student may be 'monitored' for a maximum of 2 years. Please contact Chrissy Arislanian (222-4600 x 2101, for any general questions. Melissa Cabral is on medical leave until October. To report a problem with the Census application, you may call or email me directly (Dr. Ken Gu, x 2241, Thank you! =================================