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8/31/2004  RIDE - updating the EOY reports  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This is to remind you that the set of consolidated reports on June Membership, Pupil Summary, Graduates, Dropouts, Retention, and Mobility needs to be UPDATED in order to refect any changes and updates you have made on eRIDE/online after the data are updated and submitted. To update, simply fill in the last date of school (defaut=6/15/04) and the total school days (default=180) for your district and then click on Update! If you decide to re-upload and re-submit the data for the district or for a particular school within the district, the reports are automatically updated and refreshed using the default last date of school and total school days. Of course, if your district's last school date and total school days are different, you may reset them and manually perform the Update. Please contact Scott Gausland (222-4600 x 2240) or me directly (Dr. Ken Gu x 2241) if you have questions regarding this procedure. Thank you!