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8/19/2004  RIDE - an important message about your schools' 03-04 attendance data  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
Please follow or click this link to preview your schools' 03-04 student attendance data. As you all know, the attendance rate is one of the 21 performance indicators used by RIDE to classify your elementary and middle schools, so please review the attendance data carefully for each one of your schools. To help you verify the information, we included the prior year's data and highlighted the ones in red which are different more than 2% points. Your LEA may have to correct the already submitted records and resubmit by August 23rd if mistakes are found. Your schools are NOT on the list if you have not completed the EOY consolidated data submissions. Without the data, RIDE will not be able to classify your schools and distribute the State and federal funds. The EOY consolidated reporting began on June 14th, the deadline was August 15th! A similar report for dropout and graduation rates will be made available to you for review at a later time. Please contact Dr. Ken Gu @ 222-4600 x 2241 or for any questions related to this eRIDE message. Thank you! =================================================