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8/5/2004  RIDE - the latest on the first annual State Reporting workshop/conference at Radisson  Dr. Ken Gu - SEA 
This is to update you with the latest on the annual workshop/conference on State data reporting. This workshop will now be held at the Radisson Hotel near the airport, Warwick on Monday August 23rd. Lunch will be provided. Please click or follow this link for the latest agenda and who should attend: Attendance of your district's MIS staff and personnel responsible for state reporting is essential. If you have not signed up for this conference, simply go to our eRIDE Web site ( and click on Trainings/Workshops. You may sign up for more than one sessions. You may also sign up for your colleagues. An email confirmation will be automatically delivered to you upon successful registration. Registration is required so that we can have a good head count for lunch. The last day for online registration will be August 20th. Please contact Marie Gariepy (222-4600 x 2231, if you have any questions related to this event or trouble registering or you want to be dropped from any of the sessions you already signed up. Thank you! =================================================